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Lucy to Language Lucy to Language
The Benchmark Papers
Author: Clive Gamble
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Hardback
9780199652594, 0199652597
Archaeology , Anthropology , Physical Anthropology & Ethnography , Evolution , Early Man ,

First in Line First in Line
Tracing Our Ape Ancestry
Author: Tom Gundling
Publisher: Yale University Press
Format: Hardback
9780300104141, 0300104146
Anthropology , Evolution , Early Man ,

Structure and Contingency Structure and Contingency
Evolutionary Processes in Life and Human Society
Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback
9780718500269, 0718500261
General & World History , Evolution , Zoology & Animal Sciences , Early Man , Earth Sciences ,

Recent Discoveries and Perspectives in Human Evolution Recent Discoveries and Perspectives in Human Evolution
Papers arising from 'Exploring Human Origins: Exciting Discoveries at the Start of the 21st Century' Manchester 2013
Author: Anek R. Sankhyan
Publisher: BAR Publishing
Format: Paperback
9781407313726, 140731372X
Archaeology , Archaeological Methodology & Techniques , Sociology , Anthropology , Biology, Life Sciences , Evolution , Early Man ,

The Nature of the Beast The Nature of the Beast
The first genetic evidence on the survival of apemen, yeti, bigfoot and other mysterious creatures into modern times
Author: Bryan Sykes
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton General Division
Format: Paperback
9781444791242, 1444791249
Science: General Issues , Popular Science , Genetics (non medical) , DNA & Genome , Zoology & Animal Sciences , Early Man , Monsters & Legendary Beings , Natural History ,

Our Earliest Ancestors Our Earliest Ancestors
Author: Bjorn Kurten
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Format: Hardback
9780231080613, 0231080611
Science: General Issues , Evolution , Early Man , Palaeontology ,

Reindeer hunters at Howburn Farm, South Lanarkshire Reindeer hunters at Howburn Farm, South Lanarkshire
A Late Hamburgian settlement in southern Scotland - its lithic artefacts and natural environment
Author: Torben Bjarke Ballin
Format: Hardback
9781784919016, 1784919012
European History , British & Irish History , Ancient History: To C 500 CE , Prehistoric Archaeology , Early Man ,

Prehistoric Man Prehistoric Man
Author: W. L. H. Duckworth
Format: Paperback
9781107606012, 1107606012
Evolution , Early Man ,

A Master Catalogue A Master Catalogue
Holocene Human Skeletons from South Africa
Author: Alan Morris
Publisher: Wits University Press
Format: Hardback
9781868142095, 1868142094
African History , Archaeology By Period / Region , Physical Anthropology & Ethnography , Early Man ,

Beyond Sex Differences Beyond Sex Differences
Genes, Brains and Matrilineal Evolution
Author: Eric B. Keverne
Format: Hardback
9781108416856, 1108416853
Biology, Life Sciences , Evolution , DNA & Genome , Neurosciences , Animal Behaviour , Early Man ,

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